"This acoustic trio brings some of the sensibility back to the pop rock, best

typified by the Bare Naked Ladies. Well written songs and some catchy hooks."
~ A.P , the Province (Vancouver)

     A sound system mishap at the annual outdoor music festival Sookapoolooza in 2009 turned out to be a fateful meeting for singer/ guitarist Jon Reid  (The Brynns) and drummer Graham MacKenzie (MapEleven). Together they decided to reform the band which had its incarnation in Edmonton in the late 90's, calling upon longtime friend and bass player Aran Puritch (Armchair Cynics) to complete the trio. They have since forged a music style that is distinct yet dynamic, lyrically engaging, power-pop rhythms, and rock raw energy. Their influences have included everything from the Tragically Hip, Tom Petty, and Counting Crows. Recent accomplishments include being selected as 91.3 the Zone's BAND OF THE MONTH January 2014 and their song 'San Francisco Babe' has been nominated for Roots Song of the Year for the VIMAs.

     Their new release is Keep off the Grass, with seven original tracks recorded in Victoria at Oh Hey Man Studios with Jason Cook. The first song on the C.D. is an energetic and honest Pink Coat, followed by San Francisco Babe, which is sweetly sung and emotionally complex, yet leading up to a foot stomping crescendo. Crash Bang rocks out aptly regarding a regretful end, while The Odds smoothly brings a great pop/rock sensibility to some good advice for striving to make the life that’s worth living.  Storytelling Man is about an elderly man proving he still has an affect on the world around him. Streetlight tells the true story of a young woman, who struggles hard to live in a cold world. Rounding out the collection is the entertaining and hook driven Little Lady Months.  


“Over the last decade these songs were written through heartbreak, and joy; from the somber dorm rooms in College, to traveling to every continent on the planet, and through life around my home in Victoria, BC. This album has been an adventure in the making” (Jon Reid)


 The trio hopes to continue along playing everything from kitchens and camp fires, to festivals  and theatres. Highlight shows include  - Tall Tree Music Festivals 1-3, Sunfest, Sunshine Music Festival and their sold out CD Release PArty at Upstairs Caberet in Victoria. Johnny Galactic plans to continue to tour the new release, shoot another music video and work towards another recording to keep up the momentum.




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